Dawn's Mobile Pet Grooming

The Convenience of Full Service Pet Grooming, Right in Your Driveway!

Serving Southern New Hampshire

Welcome To Dawn's Mobile Pet Grooming!

We offer the unique service of in-your-driveway grooming! We are a small, family run business serving Southern NH cities and towns such as Nashua, Manchester, Salem, Derry, Londonderry, Litchfield, Pelham, Merrimack, and Windham. Based out of Nashua, NH we have been in business since 2008.

 JANUARY 2017 NEWS: We are now accepting major credit and debit cards (as long as your card carries the VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, OR DISCOVER logo, we can accept it!)! It's about time, huh? :D


Call us at 603-894-PETS (7387) to make your appointment today!

We are typically booked about two weeks out or more, so please try to give us plenty of notice so that we may accommodate your schedule! 

Things to do here

• "Contact Us" allows you to send messages, or request a callback. Please note we still only book via
  phone contact, as Tim has up to the minute schedule (please leave us a phone number!). The quickest way to contact   us is by calling the 603-894-PETS (7387) number.

• "Guestbook" - write us a note, a review, or just let us know you were here! Remember your entry will be seen
  by the general public, so don't write phone numbers or personal info in the body text area! No one will see the email
  address you enter, although they can hit "reply"; even we cannot see the email address!

• "CafePress Shop" - here you can browse our custom DMPG designs on all sorts of apparel and gift items (even
  a bib and a teddybear!) There is more on offer than just our cute logo, too...check it out!

• "Photos" will soon contain pictures from our customers and friends....check it out (coming soon)!

We are planning more soon, so check back!

Announcing Nail Trim Mondays!

We are proud to announce that we will be setting aside certain Mondays each month just for those customers who are looking to have their pet's nails trimmed! As you may already know, up until now we generally could not accommodate most requests for nail trims... soon we will have a hotline number dedicated to nail trims only; for now, you can just call us at our regular appointment booking number, 603-894-7387. We will post the new number as soon as we have it! Yay nail trims!

Why Do Our Customers Choose Mobile Grooming?

Convenient - We groom your pet right in your driveway!

Comfortable for your pet... no caged drying in a kennel, ramp from table to tub for easy access ideal for large and

   elderly dogs!

Affordable - Factoring in the cost of gasoline (4 trips if you drop off and pick up!) and the time you spend as pet

   taxi, mobile grooming is quite competitive.

Low Stress - Animals who hate travel (cats!) and those who experience separation anxiety are happier at home, and don't have to wait for hours in a noisy cage area for

their turn at the grooming table.

Problem Dogs - Been asked never to come back to your salon? As an experienced trainer/animal behaviorist, 

Dawn is an expert at handling dogs with behavioral issues.

Local - By calling Dawn's Mobile Pet Grooming you are supporting a local, family owned small business!


Quick notes

We require access to electrical outlet, but are otherwise a 100% self-sufficient salon. We need about 30 feet of level and safe (ie. away from traffic) parking area for our truck and trailer (about the size of a horse trailer). We use extension cords, but the distance to outlet must be reasonable (typically we have about 100' of extension cord).

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy of $25 per pet. We reserve the right to cancel due to weather, mechanical issues, illness, etc.; customers will be notified within a reasonable time frame if such an event occurs. New customers must fill out a Pet Release Form, and must have up to date rabies vaccination. 

If you have a LARGE breed dog (ie. Mastiff, St.Bernard, etc.) or any pet over 100 lbs, we are probably not able to groom your pet. Our table and tub can be difficult for the big buddies to negotiate, and to avoid a potential slip or fall we have to decline the bigger dogs (not that we don't love them!)   

And finally, we occasionally get requests for nail trim appointments. We set aside certain Mondays of each month specifically for nail trims (sans trailer). Call us for more info!

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Service Area

We are only taking on new customers in the following towns due to the fact that we are approaching saturation:

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Derry, Hudson, Litchfield, Londonderry, Manchester, Merrimack, Nashua, Pelham, Salem, Windham

MASSACHUSETTS: Sorry, we are no longer taking new Massachusetts customers :(

IF you are on an outlying town (ie. next to one of our towns) and you can arrange a full day of consecutive grooming (minimum of three large or four med/small pets) we may consider booking an all day appointment for you with an associated gas fee; call 603-894-7387 for details).